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photo courtesy of Chuck Davies Guide Service

Colorado boasts one of the largest
Elk Herds in North America.

The Colorado elk range from the high mountains and dark timber to the low plains and cedars. These guides and outfitters keep track of the elk herds throughout the year so they know where the trophy animals are most apt to be found when the Colorado hunting season comes around. They will help you plan the perfect big game hunt.
Colorado is the place for your elk hunting experience!!

Colorado Elk hold many Boone & Crocket records as well as many trophy Buck Deer.
Large bull elk are taken every year with an abundant number of 5x5 and 6x6 elk harvested each season.

Due to the many large fires in Colorado in 2002, the elk were forced to change some of their habitat to other areas to find forage. The Colorado outfitters keep track of the elk herd movements and will be able to plan your hunt accordingly. Check out the Colorado outfitters and find the one that fits your needs. The type of hunt, the area or unit that you want to hunt, the amount of help or amenities that they offer. Most of them have everything from taking you in and dropping you off, to guiding you to the game and getting it back to camp. Most of the outfitters offer various types of elk hunts. You can stay in cabins, tents or lodges. You can choose to have a professional guide to help you or let them pack you back into the hunting area and leave you to hunt on your own.

Come and join one of the outfitters on this web site and enjoy a first class Colorado elk hunting experience.

Colorado Elk Hunting
with a professional Colorado outfitter

is the ideal hunt.

This next year big game hunting seasons should be a good Colorado elk hunt for the dedicated hunter.


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